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  • Arriverderci 2020

    Arriverderci 2020

  • Holiday giving

    Holiday giving

  • Food giveaway

    Food giveaway

  • New bridge

    New bridge

  • Heatwave escape

    Heatwave escape

  • BLM protest

    BLM protest

  • Street closure

    Street closure

  • COVID-19 Thank You

    COVID-19 Thank You

  • COVID-19


  • Oil tankers idle off Long Beach

    Oil tankers idle off Long Beach

  • Bayshore Triathlon

    Bayshore Triathlon

  • Christmas Babies

    Christmas Babies

  • Queen Mary ScotsFestival

    Queen Mary ScotsFestival

  • Long Beach Paraglider

    Long Beach Paraglider

  • Holiday Toy Caravan, 12/21/19

    Holiday Toy Caravan, 12/21/19

  • Park restoration

    Park restoration

  • Naples Boat Parade, 12/21/19

    Naples Boat Parade, 12/21/19

  • Daisy Lane Christmas Parade, 12/21/19

    Daisy Lane Christmas Parade, 12/21/19

  • Lone Sailor Memorial anniversary, 10/14/19

    Lone Sailor Memorial anniversary, 10/14/19

  • Counter Protest, 4/28/19

    Counter Protest, 4/28/19

  • Lifeguard tryouts, 3/11/19

    Lifeguard tryouts, 3/11/19

  • Police & Fire Departments memorial, 5/7/19

    Police & Fire Departments memorial, 5/7/19

  • Memorial for Jessica, 5/9/19

    Memorial for Jessica, 5/9/19

  • Long Beach Grand Prix, 4/14/19

    Long Beach Grand Prix, 4/14/19

  • Solidarity march, 9/23/19

    Solidarity march, 9/23/19

  • Beach path

    Beach path

  • Cal State Long Beach graduation, 5/21/19

    Cal State Long Beach graduation, 5/21/19

  • Special Olympics Summer Games, 6/10/19

    Special Olympics Summer Games, 6/10/19

  • Corpse flower, 6/19/19

    Corpse flower, 6/19/19

Sewage spill shuts down swimming near Belmont Pier (Press-Telegram) 2/23/21

Ralphs protest (Gazette) 2/21/21

Future Alamitos Bay Water Quality Discussion Next Week (Gazette) 2/18/21

Long Beach to host public forums for input on Animal Care Services Bureau strategic plan (Press-Telegram) 2/12/21

Mobile COVID-19 test (Gazette) 2/9/21

COVID-19 Testing Site On Second Street In Belmont Shore (Gazette) 1/28/21

Ships at sea (Gazette) 1-27-21

Tree Trimming Rules Cleanup Spooks Some Peninsula Residents (Gazette) 1/20/21

Sunday at Rosie's Dog Beach (Gazette) 1/17/21

January Summer (Gazette) 1/15/21

Environmental study on Los Cerritos Wetlands restoration gets the OK (Press-Telegram) 1/11/21

Second single-family home near CSULB campus slated for student housing (Press-Telegram) 1/8/21

Second Single-Family Home Near University Campus Slated For Student Housing (Gazette) 1/6/21

Long Beach’s Community Hospital operator says it will accept patients Jan. 4 — but the state won’t confirm (Press-Telegram) 12/31/20

Sewage Spill Closes Long Beach Beaches (Gazette) 12/26/20

Snowy Mountains (Gazette) 12/30/20

Community Hospital opening will wait for ‘punch list’ completion, officials say (Press-Telegram) 12/22/20

Naples House Decoration Winners Announced (Gazette) 12/22/20

Antioch Christmas (Gazette) 12/20/20

Carboat Santa (Gazette) 12/19/20

In the park (Gazette) 12/19/20

Coronavirus Moves 2021 Acura Grand Prix Of Long Beach From April To September (Gazette) 12/17/20

Unhealthy air quality from Southern California wildfires leads to smoke advisory (SCNG) 12/3/20

Full Moon (Gazette) 12/3/20

Out & About: Virtual events in the South Bay and Long Beach areas Dec. 4-10 (Press-Telegram) 12/3/20

Belmont Shore Parking Commission Supports Permanent Parklets (Gazette) 12/3/20

Westside Boys & Girls Club Gets Colorful Makeover (Gazette) 12/3/20

Hazy Sunrise (Gazette) 12/3/20

US Postal Service struggles with holiday mail due to coronavirus impacts (Press-Telegram) 12/2/20

Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority Postpones EIR Approval Again (Gazette) 12/2/20

Thanks On Lawn (Gazette) 11/23/20

Environmental report for Los Cerritos Wetlands restoration set for vote in December (Press-Telegram) 11/13/20

Belmont Shore’s McCarty’s Jewelry to end long run on Second Street (Press-Telegram) 11/12/20

Belmont Shore's McCarty's Jewelry Set To End Long Run On Second Street (Gazette) 11/12/20

Sand blowing (Gazette) 11/8/20

Long Beach Camp Fire, Conservation Corps Join City At DeForest Park (Gazette) 10/29/20

LA County Will Buy Eight Motels For Homeless Housing — Including One In Long Beach (Gazette) 10/27/20

Breast Cancer Screenings Down Due To COVID-19, Long Beach Hospital Says (Gazette) 10/24/20

Downtown Long Beach Retail Report Reflects Pandemic (Gazette) 10/23/20

City Seeks Volunteers For 13th Annual Bike And Pedestrian Count (Gazette) 10/22/20

Out & About: Events and postponements in the Long Beach area Oct. 23-29 (Press-Telegram) 10/22/20

Nearly 270,000 K-12 students are homeless in California, says UCLA study (Press-Telegram) 10/20/20

ON THE WATER: A Tale Of Two Classics (Gazette) 10/16/20

Southeast Long Beach master zoning plan approved by Coastal Commission (Press-Telegram) 10/14/20

State Approves Southeast Long Beach Master Land Use Plan (Gazette) 10/14/20

Long Beach resident brings beauty care to homeless (Press-Telegram) 10/11/20

Gerald Desmond Replacement Bridge opens for traffic (Press-Telegram) 10/5/20

Acura Grand Prix Of Long Beach Sets Date, Snags Network Coverage (Gazette) 10/7/20

Get ready to say ‘Wow’: Long Beach’s new bridge is ready for its debut (Press-Telegram) 9/28/20

Gerald Desmond Replacement Bridge — the 'Bridge to Everywhere — opens next week (SCNG) 9/28/20

Ventilation system latest culprit in delayed Community Hospital opening (Press-Telegram) 9/25/20

COVID increases LA County food insecurity, says USC study (Press-Telegram) 9/25/20

Sulphur-bellied flycatcher (Gazette) 9/25/20

Thousands line up for food giveaway at Long Beach Arena (Press-Telegram) 9/18/20

KINDNESS: Shane Young Volunteers As Dad Plays (Gazette) 9/18/20

KINDNESS: Shirley Raines Brings Beauty Care To Homeless (Gazette) 9/17/20

Long Beach Council Extends Parklets, Open Streets To Year's End (Gazette) 9/16/20

Beach sunset (Gazette) 9/14/20

Contact tracing still sluggish in Los Angeles County coronavirus battle, officials say (SCNG) 9/10/20 

Real Men Wear Pink In Long Beach To Fight Breast Cancer (Gazette) 9/10/20

Future superheroes (Gazette) 9/7/20

Colorado Lagoon (Gazette) 9/7/20

With Labor Day parade canceled, food distribution planned today in Wilmington (SCNG) 9/7/20

Naples Strings (Gazette) 8/31/20

Pine Avenue open street (Gazette) 8/25/20

Bike ride (Gazette) 8/25/20

Rick Rackers Adjust, Still Help Long Beach Children Get Ready For School (Gazette) 8/22/20

Operation School Bell provides Long Beach students with supplies, hygiene kits amid coronavirus (Press-Telegram) 8/19/20

Boeing 727 offering weightless experience comes to Long Beach Airport (Press-Telegram) 8/17/20

Zero G (Gazette) 8/17/20

Bridge perspective (Gazette) 8/17/20

Paraglider (Gazette) 8/17/20

Hot beach path (Gazette) 8/17/20

Port Of Long Beach Sweeps Communication Awards In Port Authorities (Gazette) 8/17/20

Angels in the Blair outfield (Gazette) 7/20/20

Long Beach Pathways Shows Its Gratitude (Gazette) 7/17/20

Fundraisers for Long Beach’s Pathways to Independence thank longtime supporters (Press-Telegram) 7/16/20

Day at the beach (Gazette) 7/16/20

Frustration, Reluctant Acceptance In Long Beach For Governor's Closure Orders (Gazette) 7/14/20

Saturday Peace Caravan (Gazette) 7/12/20

Changes At Long Beach Senior Center Causes Ruckus (Gazette) 7/10/20

JetBlue Announces Exit From Long Beach (Gazette) 7/9/20

Community Hospital of Long Beach still waits to reopen 2 years after closure (Press-Telegram) 7/7/20

Lonely beach (Gazette) 7/6/20

Norwalk Will Join Local Preference Area For Cal State Long Beach in 2021 (Gazette) 7/3/20

Long Beach to consider adding oil tax measure to November ballot to fund racial equity programs (Press-Telegram) 7/2/20

Long Beach water scores high grades in summer, says Heal the Bay (Press-Telegram) 6/30/20

Long Beach, Los Angeles County Close Beaches For Fourth Of July (Gazette) 6/29/20

Parklets (Gazette) 6/29/20

Sisters on beach (Gazette) 6/29/20

Panama Joe's closed (Gazette) 6/29/20

Crowded beach (Gazette) 6/29/20

Beach Swing (Gazette) 6/29/20

PHOTOS: Naples Canal Graduation Parade (Gazette) 6/27/20

No 100 Days This Summer, Long Beach Offers Reduced Summer Recreation Programs (Gazette) 6/26/20

Public Safety Committee To Review Police Department Actions, Training (Gazette) 6/11/20)

Tichenor Carnival 2 (Gazette) 6/8/20

Tichenor Carnival 1 (Gazette) 6/8/20

PHOTOS: Second Street Protest (Gazette) 6/5/20

PHOTOS: Bluff Park Protest, June 3, 2020 (Gazette) 6/4/20

PHOTOS: Closing Second Street (Gazette) 6/2/20

Long Beach Barber Shops, Restaurants Open For Business (Gazette) 5/30/20

94th birthday celebration (Gazette) 5/28/20

Memorial Day Beach (Gazette) 5/26/20

Memorial Day Bike Path (Gazette) 5/26/20

Senior's Fitness, Nutrition Donna Helsley's Passion (Gazette) 5/25/20

Forest Lawn's Traditional Memorial Day Ceremony Goes Online (Gazette) 5/21/20

Forest Lawn takes Southland Memorial Day services virtual (Press-Telegram) 5/19/20

Namasté Center organizes car caravan in lieu of Long Beach Pride parade (Press-Telegram) / (Daily Breeze) 5/19/20

Namaste 'Love Wins' Parade (Gazette) 5/18/20

Waiting on Signal Hill (Gazette) 5/16/20

No flyover (Gazette) 5/16/20

Coastal Commission charges Long Beach with pattern of illegal tree trimming (Press-Telegram 5/14/20

Coastal Commission Charges Long Beach With Pattern Of Tree Trimming Violations (Gazette) 5/14/20

Kite Flying (Gazette) May 5/14/20

Beach Day #1 (Gazette) 5/14/20

Little Richard In Long Beach (Gazette) 5/9/20

Long Beach Mayor Announces Gradual Reopening Starting Friday (Gazette) 5/7/20

Long Beach to allow trails, some businesses to reopen Friday; beach bike path, tennis centers to open Monday (Press-Telegram) 5/6/20

Community Hospital Of Long Beach Still Closed — License Awaits Inspection (Gazette) 5/6/20

Belmont Shore cancels popular Stroll & Savors, car show because of coronavirus (Press-Telegram) 5/4/20

Long Beach adds 15 cases, no new deaths Sunday (Press-Telegram) 5/3/20

Long Beach Blood Supply Holds Steady With Numerous Drives (Gazette) 5/2/20

Long Beach reports 2 more deaths related to coronavirus (Press-Telegram) 4/26/20

Idled by coronavirus, here’s where 3 cruise ships headed after leaving Long Beach waters (PressTelegram) 4/26/20

Oil Tankers (Gazette) 4/26/20

Hummingbird (Gazette) 4/24/20

PHOTOS: Peninsula Signs (Gazette) 4/17/20

275 coronavirus cases in the Long Beach area (Press-Telegram) 4/2/20

245 coronavirus cases in the Long Beach area (Press-Telegram) 4/1/20

207 coronavirus cases in the Long Beach area (Press-Telegram) 3/31/20

Street Rehab (Gazette) 3/31/20

Empty cruise ships a stark reminder of coronavirus shutdown (Press Telegram) 3/17/20

Carnival Cruise ships (Gazette) 3/16/20

Nominees sought for Long Beach’s Equity Plaza Memorial Wall (Press Telegram) 3/12/20

Long Beach Orders Cancellation Of All Large Events, Including Grand Prix, To April 30 (Gazette) 3/12/20

Triathlon season kicks off with Long Beach’s Bayshore 70.4 (Press Telegram) 3/8/20

Triathlon swim (Gazette) 3/8/20

Triathlon stretch (Gazette) 3/8/20

Committee Seeks Nominees To Add To Equality Plaza Memorial Wall (Gazette) 3/5/20

26th annual Long Beach Step Show celebrates African American community (Press Telegram) 3/1/20

Step Show (Gazette) 3/1/20

More LA vote centers open: More glitches, more fixes, more praise – and more focus on Super Tuesday (Press Telegram / SCNG) 2/29/20

Police dispatch graduate (Gazette) 2/28/20

Moving Sea Launch (Gazette) 2/24/20

Dine Out Kickoff (Gazette) 2/23/20

ScotsFestival delivers weekend of authentic Scottish experiences to the Queen Mary (Press Telegram / Daily Breeze) 2/16/20

Scottish Festival (Gazette) 2/16/20

Bixby Knolls Mardi Gras Queens (Gazette) 2/9/20

Bixby Knolls Mardi Gras (Gazette) 2/9/20

Heart Day (Gazette) 2/7/20

Bixby Knolls kicks off Mardi Gras season with First Friday parade, party (Press Telegram) 2/6/20

Bixby Knolls Celebrates Mardi Gras, Black History Month Friday (Gazette) 2/6/20

Bixby Knolls Celebrates Mardi Gras, Black History Month Friday (Gazette) 2/6/20

Bulldogs To Strut Their Stuff At Annual Beauty Contest (Gazette) 1/31/20

Long Beach cleaning crew finds the missing ashes of a mom and son and returns them (Press Telegram) 1/24/20

Residents carry out numerous service projects throughout Long Beach in observance of MLK Day of Service (Press Telegram / Daily Breeze) 1/20/20

MLK Day of Service 2020 (Gazette) 1/20/20

Long Beach Cleanup Crew Recovers Missing Remains (Gazette) 1/16/20

Queen Mary’s operator offers more details on forthcoming 30-year plan for ship’s preservation (Press-Telegram) 1/15/20

Queen Mary celebrates new year, and decade, with annual fireworks show above the harbor (gallery) (Press-Telegram) 1/1/20

PHOTOS: New Year's Eve 2019 On The Queen Mary (gallery) (Gazette) 1/1/20

Long Beach’s Miller Children’s and Women’s Hospital delivers babies tucked in oversized stockings to new parents (Press Telegram) 12/23/19

Santa Baby (Gazette) 12/23/19

Toy Caravan 2019 (Gazette) 12/22/19

Long Beach Fire and Police’s annual toy-drive team-up covers a lot of miles and sparks many smiles (gallery) (Press Telegram) 12/21/19

Naples Boat Parade Santa (Gazette) 12/16/19

Naples Parade in Bay (Gazette) 12/16/19

Naples Band (Gazette) 12/16/19

Paw-lidays Dog (Gazette) 12/16/19

Paw-lidays Cat (Gazette) 12/16/19

Daisy Councilwoman Zendejas (Gazette) 12/16/19

Daisy Spectators (Gazette) 12/16/19

Daisy Marchers (Gazette) 12/16/19

Long Beach’s Naples neighborhood and Alamitos Bay illuminate the night during annual boat parade (gallery) (Press-Telegram) 12/15/19

Wrigley lights up for annual Daisy Lane Christmas Parade (gallery) (Press-Telegram) 12/14/19

Animals get a little help finding homes for the paw-lidays in Long Beach (gallery) (Press-Telegram) 12/14/19

Seal Beach Parade Wave (Gazette) 12/9/19

Santa Visits Hospital (Gazette) 12/9/19

Amid some showers, Seal Beach celebrates annual Christmas Parade with movie theme (gallery) (Press-Telegram) 12/6/19

Fishing Derby (Gazette)11/25/19

Fishing Rodeo (gazette) 11/25/19

Kids Snag Some Outdoorsy Fun at Long Beach's Free Fishing Derby (gallery) (Press-Telegram ) 11/23/19

Inaugural  Trucks-Giving Treats Long Beach Homeless Folks to Meals (gallery) (Press-Telegram) 11/22/19

Trucks-Giving Outreach (Gazette) 11/22/19

Mayor Visits Trucks-Giving (Gazette) 11/22/19

Japanese Drummer at Aquarium of the Pacific (Gazette) 11/17/19

Stick Dance at Aquarium (Gazette) 11/17/19

Dia de los Muertos Downtown (Gazette) 11/11/19

Big Grants Get Assistance Near Goals, Children's Center Opens (Press-Telegram) 11/8/19

Big Grants Get Assistance League Near Goals (Gazette) 11/8/19

NOAA at Aquarium (Gazette) 11/4/19

Historic Cemetery Tour 2019 (Gazette) 10/28/19

Telling a Story - Cemetery Tour (Gazette) 10/28/19

Operation School Bell (Gazette) 10/21/19

Fire Station 17 (Gazette) 10/21/19

Spinnaker Bay Water Main Break (Gazette) 10/20/19

Lone Sailor anniversary (Gazette) 10/14/19

Lone Sailor (Gazette) 10/14/19

Scouts Take Over Cal State Campus for Weekend (Gazette) 10/13/19

Fiesta in the Park (Gazette) 10/7/19

Pathways to Excellence benefit (Gazette) 10/7/19

Ice House Art (Gazette) 10/7/19

Solidarity March 2019 (Gazette) 9/23/19

Solidarity March 2019 (Gazette) 9/23/19

Real Men Wear Pink (Gazette) 9/16/19

From Cambodia to the United States: A lesson in giving (Gazette) 9/12/19

Belmont Shore Car Show (gallery) (Gazette) 9/9/19

Price / O’Donnell concert (Gazette) 9/9/19

Beached Boat (Gazette) 9/6/19

Ping Pong Fit (Gazette) 9/3/19

Greek Festival (Gazette) 9/3/19

John Royce Finds Needs Everywhere He Turns (Gazette) 8/27/19

Scientist Gives Back to Community Through Mentoring 8/27/19

Magical Marcia Proves KindnessKnows No Bounds 8/27/19

North Long Beach Garden Inspires Area Youth Through Adventures to Dreams 8/27/19

Long Beach Unified Continues Student Achievement Focus As New Year Starts 8/25/19

Special Volunteers Helps Make Special Olympics Special Experience 8/21/19

Move-in Day at CSULB (gallery) 8/21/19

Naples Fest 2019 8/15/19

Sea Turtle Release 8/15/19

Changes on the Way to Fix Peninsula, Bayshore Intersection (Press Telegram) 8/13/19

All-City Beach Day 2019 (gallery) 8/10/19

Camp Fire Goes Lawn Bowling 7/18/19

Broadway Road Diet Prompts Protesters 7/16/19

Children’s Day Tinker Bell 7/15/19

Kids Day Boat 7/15/19

Masters Rowing 7/15/19

Horny Corner 4th of July 2019 7/8/19

Big Bang 2019 7/5/19

Electrical Storage Facility 6/28/19

Dew Tour 2019 6/17/19

Wilson High School Graduation 6/17/19

Special Olympics Summer Games (gallery) 6/10/19

Lifeguard Station 6/10/19

Sworn Police Employee of the Year 6/7/19

Ghost Bike 6/3/19

Corpse Flower Fan 6/2/19

Corpse Flower Has Blossomed (Press Telegram) 6/2/19

Corpse Flower 6/2/19

Memorial Day Boy Scouts 5/27/19

Memorial Day Veteran 5/27/19

Memorial Day John Howard 5/27/19

Cal State Long Beach Grad 5/21/19

Bicycle Accident 5/16/19

Harvey Milk Park 5/14/19

Lawn Bowling 5/13/19

Memorial For Jessica (gallery) 5/9/19

Police / Fire Departments Memorial (gallery) 5/7/19

SCUBA Students 5/6/19

SCUBA Show Mermaid 5/6/19

Spring Concert 4/30/19

Counter Protest 4/28/19

Plot to Attack Long Beach Event 4/29/19

Walk For Kids 4/28/19

Walk For Kids 4/28/19

Easter Sunrise Service 4/22/19

Easter at Shoreline Village 4/22/19

Long Beach Grand Prix (gallery) 4/14/19

Long Beach Grand Prix (gallery) 4/13/19

Long Beach Grand Prix (gallery) 4/12/19

Thunder Thursday (gallery) 4/12/19

Bixby Knolls First Friday Fair 4/8/19

Clydesdales in Long Beach (gallery) 3/31/19

Touch-a-Truck 3/25/19

Touch-a-Truck 3/25/19

Purim Festival 3/18/19

Purim Festival 3/18/19

Lifeguard Tryouts 3/11/19

Bixby Knolls Mardi Gras 3/5/19

El Dorado Park Bird Watchers 2/18/19

Urban Farm 2/18/19

Bulldog Beauty Contest (gallery) 2/11/19

Snowy Mountains 2/6/19

Long Beach Symphony Family Festival 2/4/19

Gladyss Avenue Garden 1/21/19

Drake Park Playground 1/4/19

Wrap the Kids Christmas 12/23/18

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